Copper Chef Titan Series 11" 10PC Set Product Image

Copper Chef® Titan Series 11″ 10-Piece Set


11" Deep Fry Pan With Lid
9.5" Fry Pan With Lid
8" Fry Pan With Lid
5.5" Santoku Knife
Recipe Book


Dimensions Color
11″ Deep Fry Pan Stainless Steel & Black
9.5″ Fry Pan Stainless Steel & Black
8″ Fry Pan Stainless Steel & Black


Warranty:   90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Metal Utensil Safe Non-Scratch Harder Coating
  • Tri-Ply Cooking Surface For Even Heating & Durability
  • Ergonomic Handle for Maximum Comfort
  • Pan Loop For Cooking Rack Storage
  • Stainless Steel For Exceptional Searing
  • Laser-Etched Stainless Steel Raised Hex Surface
  • Diamond-Reinforced Nonstick Coating for Instant Release

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Is there a coating on the Copper Chef® Titan Pan that burns off at first use?
No. As with all cookware, remember to wash with nonabrasive soap before first use.

Is the Copper Chef® Titan Pan actual copper?
The Copper Chef® Titan Pan is a tri-ply pan made with two layers of stainless steel and an inner layer of aluminum with an advanced diamond-infused nonstick coating. For more product information, please call customer service at 973-287-5197.

What is the Copper Chef® Titan Pan made of?
The Copper Chef® Titan Pan is a tri-ply pan that sandwiches a layer of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel. Aluminum conducts heat very well, and the two stainless steel layers help retain the heat. The cooking surface of the pan has a raised steel pattern, which helps produce excellent browning results and a recessed non-stick diamond particle coating for easy clean-up.

How does the Copper Chef® Titan Pan compare to other nonstick and tri-ply pans?
The Copper Chef® Titan Pan combines the benefits of nonstick and tri-ply pans. The diamond coating heats up 15% faster than normal nonstick while the pan’s three layers, made of high-quality stainless steel and highly conductive aluminum, evenly distribute and retain heat while protecting the nonstick surface.

Can you cook on an open fire with the Copper Chef® Titan Pan?
Although the Pan can be used on an open fire, it is designed for kitchen use.

Do I need to use any butter or oil?
The Copper Chef® Titan Pan is the first of its kind designed with an advanced diamond-infused nonstick coating. You only need to add a little butter or oil. For added flavor, you may season the cooking surface with natural oils such as olive, canola, or peanut oil. For more product information, please call customer service at 973-287-5197.

Do I need to polish the Copper Chef® Titan Pan like traditional copper pots and pans?
You do not need to polish the Copper Chef® Titan Pan. You can clean the pan with non-abrasive or mildly abrasive stainless steel cleaner to revitalize the look of the pan if necessary. See the owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

How do I clean my Copper Chef® Titan Pan?
We recommend you clean your Copper Chef® Titan Pan by hand with water, mild soap or cleanser, and a soft, nonmetallic scrubber, sponge, or bristle brush. Or, you may put it in the dishwasher.

Is the Copper Chef® Titan Pan oven-safe?
Yes, it is heat resistant up to 450° F. The glass lid is heat resistant up to 350° F.

How do I store the Copper Chef® Titan Pan?
Copper Chef® Titan Series cookware can be stacked using the flat tempered glass lids. To stack the cookware, turn the pan’s lid over so that the lid’s handle is inside the pan. Another pan can be stacked on top of the lid. For best results, stack smaller pans on top of larger pans.

Are there any special safety precautions I should follow?
If you received a lid, using potholders is advised, especially when removing the lid from the pan.

How can I prevent food from sticking?
The chefs at our in-house test kitchen recommend heating the pan first on medium heat before putting food in it. The pan is an excellent conductor and doesn’t require high heat. Before placing food in the pan, make sure the pan is hot enough to cause water or the food you are cooking to sizzle. Placing food in a cold pan will not yield the best results. Once the pan is heated sufficiently, you can turn the temperature down if the food requires slower cooking.

Should I cook in a dry pan or should I use some type of liquid or oil?
The chefs at our in-house test kitchen recommend using a small amount of oil, butter, or shortening instead of cooking in a dry pan.

Do you have any tips for cooking eggs?
The chefs at our in-house test kitchen recommend cooking eggs on medium heat. Heat the pan over medium heat for 1-2 minutes before adding a small amount of butter. The butter should sizzle when you put it in the pan. After the butter sizzles, turn the heat down before putting eggs in the pan. Use a fine-edge spatula to flip or move the eggs.

Do you have any tips for searing meat?
The chefs at our in-house test kitchen recommend using medium heat with some oil when cooking meat like pork medallions or boneless chicken breast. Adding oil will provide great caramelization. For steaks, our chefs recommend using high heat with a small amount of oil.

What is the money-back guarantee?
The money-back-guarantee is 90 days. The instruction booklet may state 60, it should be 90. We apologize for the misprint.


We guarantee that the Copper Chef® Titan Series cookware will not warp, rust, dent or chip with normal consumer use for the lifetime of the product. For the purposes of this guarantee, the lifetime is seven (7) years from the date of purchase.  The Copper Chef® Titan Series cookware is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, return the product and request a replacement product or refund. Proof of purchase is required. Refunds will include the purchase price, less processing, and handling. Follow the instructions in the Return Policy below to request a replacement or refund.

This guarantee does not cover changes in the appearance of the pan unless they have a significant impact on function. For this guarantee to apply, the Copper Chef® Titan Series cookware must be used as directed in the instruction manual. You will not be eligible for a refund, repair, or replacement if the product has been subject to accident, misuse, abuse, improper maintenance or repair, or unauthorized modification.

In the event that your pan does not perform properly during the first seven (7) years of ownership, please contact Customer Service   to arrange for replacement of your pan with a new Copper Chef® Titan Series cookware, an equivalent pan, or a pro rata refund of your purchase price for the pan (minus processing & handling) based on the number of years owned divided by seven (7) years. If purchased as part of a set, Empower Brands, LLC will either replace it or issue a refund in an amount equal to the purchase price of the individual pan reduced pro rata as discussed above. For purposes of this guarantee, all pans are considered to be of equal value. Empower Brands, LLC, in its sole discretion, will decide which method of honoring the guarantee will be selected. Please note that you the purchaser are responsible for providing proof of purchase and for returning the pan at your expense.

Return Policy Updated July 2023:
If for any reason, you would like to replace or return the product under the money-back guarantee, your order number can be used as the return merchandise authorization number (RMA). If the product was purchased in a retail store, use “RETAIL” as the RMA.
Return your product to the address provided below for a replacement, which will incur no additional processing and handling fees, or for the refund of your purchase price, less processing, and handling. You are responsible for the cost of returning the product. You can locate your order number at You can call customer service at 973-287-5197 or email for any additional questions. Pack the product carefully and include in the package a note with:

  1. Your name
  2. Mailing address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Reason for return
  6. Proof of purchase or order number
  7. Specify on the note whether you are requesting a refund or replacement. Write the RMA on the outside of the package.

Send the product to the following return address:
Copper Chef® Titan Pan
Vivitech/Fosdick Returns
15392 Cobalt St.
Sylmar, CA 91342

If the replacement or refund request has not been acknowledged after two weeks, please contact Customer Service at 973-287-5197. A refund requested within the money-back guarantee timeframe will be issued to the payment method used at purchase if the item was purchased directly from Empower Brands, LLC. If the item was purchased from an authorized retailer, proof of purchase is required, and a check will be issued for the item and sales tax amount.

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